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Safe Water to Save Lives
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Safe Water to Save Lives


Programme Partner: Evidence Action

Region: India

A world with universal access to safe water should not be an audacious idea – but it is. Millions of people across India have no choice but to drink contaminated water day after day, resulting in severe illness and preventable deaths, especially among young children.

Evidence Action is seeking to change this, working in partnership with the Government of India to rapidly and dramatically expand access to safe, high-quality drinking water. We will leverage the government’s groundbreaking US$44 billion infrastructure investment to bring tap water to every rural household in India, and marry it with locally manufactured technologies that make water safe to drink through chlorination. By doing, so we can transform safe water access across India – saving lives as a result.

We will draw on our decade of experience providing safe water to millions of people in Africa, and our proven track record helping the national and state governments in India reach hundreds of millions of children with deworming treatments. Our unique technical assistance approach – combining evidence, iteration, and a laser focus on cost-effective impact – will build local and state governments’ capacity to deliver safe water sustainably at scale, while shaping national policies and investments so that safe water becomes not a choice, but an expectation.

We must act quickly – lives are at stake every day. Join us to invest in a future with safe water for all.

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