Our Impact / Holistic & Inclusive Education

We drive equity and inclusion, improving education among marginalised communities.


    At a Glance

    • Digital inclusion
    • Inclusive Education for At-risk Groups
    • Early Childhood Education

    Calls to Action

    We pilot innovative models to drive positive change through our Calls to Action.

    Advancing a Quality Independent Childcare Model in Vietnam

    Providing quality and affordable childhood education and care through training programmes for home-based childcare providers

    Asia Higher Education Accessibility

    Bridging financing gaps for low to mid income students using innovative solutions

    Billion Readers Initiative: Transforming a Nation into Fluent Readers

    Providing access to easy reading practices using same language subtitling for TV programmes to improve literacy

    Educating Every Child through Holistic Grassroots and Government Partnerships

    Scaling digital learning resources within education systems to promote a habit of reading and improve literacy

    High Touch High Tech (HTHT) for All

    Developing foundational skills (High Tech) through adaptive content and higher order skills via teachers (High Touch)

    More Calls to Action