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The inaugural cohort of Amplifier mentees has been announced! Five ventures with varied geographical and business backgrounds, all presenting impactful solutions addressing Asia's pressing climate and nature issues, will join the programme's 2024 cohort. Click here to read more

A collaboration between the Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA) and the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP), The Amplifier aims to address Asia’s sustainable development challenges by catalysing philanthropic capital, mobilising collective action, and forging new pathways to create positive impact.

The Amplifier is underpinned by partnerships from key impact actors from across the industry. It will bring together a network of philanthropists, investors, industry practitioners, and global standard setters who prioritise collaboration.

The 12-month programme will offer start-ups commercial opportunities, mentorship, access to professional services (including business and legal advisory), digital tools, physical facilities (such as co-working spaces and wet labs), and other foundational services to super-charge their growth and overcome the so called ‘valley of death’ faced by many early-stage ventures.

Bridging the Gap

Opportunity exists for Asia to grow into the burgeoning global impact market, with huge need for impact in Asia given. There is significant potential in Asia, with technology as a critical enabler and increasing capital interest from high net worth individuals who believe they can tackle societal issue through investing.

Impact start-ups in Asia often face the “valley of death”, and the understanding of impact practices is still nascent in the region. As such, over 12 months, The Amplifier will provide the critical support needed for these startups to thrive.

Our Value Proposition

How it Works

The mentor-mentee relationship is at the core of The Amplifier. Amongst other critical offerings, mentees will receive hands-on, practical guidance from their mentors, while mentors get the opportunity to gain early exposure to innovative solutions that may address their own problem statements.

The mechanics of The Amplifier is illustrated below.

Our Partners

The Amplifier employs a ‘whole-of-ecosystem’ approach to support impact innovators to scale. We are grateful to our partners who are working closely with us to bring this programme to life.


2024 Cohort Theme: Climate & Nature

  1. Energy & Power
    • To tackle the largest source of emissions and the lack of scalable solutions in Asia
  2. Food & Land Conservation
    • To tackle high deforestation in Asia, and achieving outcomes at intersection of climate, nature and agriculture
  3. Oceans Conservation
    • To tackle overfishing in the region, which leads to food security concerns amidst growing demand
  4. Circularity & Waste
    • One of the biggest unmet need in Asia, which has large landfills and is the largest contributor to plastic leakages globally
  5. Cities & Settlement
    • Asia faces significant threats from environmental risks, yet lack adaptation and mitigation capabilities
  6. Enabling the Transition
    • To address threats and protect livelihoods by enabling a just transition towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all

Mentees for the 2024 Amplifier cohort will need to fall under any of the following  sub-themes.

Call for Partners

The success of The Amplifier is underpinned by support from organisations and individuals driven to make a difference by contributing their expertise, influence, and resources to help companies scale their impact in Asia. One can partner with the Amplifier by becoming a funder, a mentor, and/or a reference client by piloting or trialling our mentees’ products and/or services.


Possibilities for Partnerships

Call for Submissions

Qualifiying Criteria

Submissions to be a mentee will be screened based on these four main criteria:

  • Alignment to theme
    • Solution addresses the year’s agreed impact theme and sub-themes
    • Commitment to creating positive impact
  • Geography
    • Solution must serve or have an intention to serve Asian markets
  • Maturity
    • Early evidence of product market fit
    • Early deployment of minimum viable product (MVP) delivered to an existing paying customer base
    • Strategy to scale within next two years
  • Commerciality
    • Long-term ambition to be financially viable and sustainable

Want to find out more? Drop us an email at [email protected].