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Ensuring Safe Sanitation
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Ensuring Safe Sanitation


Programme Partner: Safe Water Gardens

Region: Indonesia  / Asia / (sub) tropical rural world

Safe Sanitation for < $ 200 per FAMILY, for all village families in (sub)tropical countries, by 2030.

A pipe dream?

Not according to …

  • Indonesia’s standards office, which in 2019 declared the Safe Water Garden (SWG) a safe sanitation system suitable for up to 10 households.
  • The United Nations, which invited SWG to exhibit at the March 2023 UN Water Conference in New York, as one of (only!) six examples of a scalable WASH (Water Sanitation, Hygiene) innovation.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is helping us to establish SWG’s carbon footprint – expected to result in the SWG being worth around 10 carbon credits per family.
  • Our corporate partners, our NGO partners, and our academic partners, including the National University of Singapore, which will conduct a research trial in Pulau Ubin to test the performance of the SWG under the use of toilet paper.
  • Our vision extends to complete safe WASH and community empowerment: we are teaching villages to collect their own high-quality census data, to install their own safe WASH for < $400 per family, to leverage WASH to start micro-farming and healthy food habits, and to start micro-businesses primarily run by women.

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