Priming Asia As A Force For Good For Planet, People, Peace & Progress

    Introducing the Alliance



    Anchor Mandates

    Our three inter-related Anchor Mandates are critical to shaping a better world


    Climate & Nature

    We support environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

    • Food, Water, Waste
    • Nature-based & Carbon Solutions
    • Biodiversity & Oceans

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    Holistic & Inclusive Education

    We level up learning opportunities for the marginalised, driving equity and inclusion.

    • Digital Inclusion
    • Inclusive Education for At-Risk Groups
    • Early Childhood Education

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    Global & Public Health

    We strengthen healthcare among the underserved, to ensure equal access for all.

    • Pandemic X Preparedness
    • Maternal & Child Health
    • Mental Health

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    Supporting Impact Companies

    The Amplifier aims to contribute towards finding solutions to address Asia’s sustainable development challenges by supporting impact companies to scale


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    Amplifier - Meet Our 2024 Cohort

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    (Circularity & Waste | USA)

    Circ is a certified B Corp on a mission to power clean closets with patented technology, recycling global fashion waste back into textiles. Circ´s innovative processes separate polycotton blended textile waste, recovering cellulosic and synthetic fibers back into the textile supply chain.

    Pictured: Peter Majeranowski, CEO & President
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    (Energy & Power | Hong Kong)

    GRST manufactures sustainable lithium-ion batteries, free from toxic PFAS "Forever Chemicals” with low carbon footprint and high recyclability. Utilising a water-based electrode coating process, GRST promotes eco-friendly recycling to reduce the need for future mining and create a circular battery economy.

    Pictured: Frank Harley, Chief Strategy Officer
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    (Food & Land Conservation | The Philippines)

    MAYANI reshapes rural agricultural value chains in the Philippines by providing sustainable pathways to markets, boosting yield and climate resilience via quality agri-inputs, and driving financial inclusion through alternative rural financing.

    Pictured: JT Solis, Co-Founder and CEO
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    (Circularity & Waste | Indonesia)

    MYCL, a B Corp certified biotech, makes affordable, durable, and sustainable material no longer impossible. MYCL is developing high-performance, low-carbon emission composite and leather-like material from mycelium called Mylea™. Made from agricultural crop waste bound together with mushroom mycelium, it is versatile with a wide range of applications, from footwear to automotive interiors and building materials.

    Pictured: Annisa Wibi, Co-Founder and CFO
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    (Circularity & Waste | Indonesia)

    Sampangan provides carbon negative products through its proprietary carbonization technology that converts all types of unsorted waste into sustainable materials. By transforming waste materials into versatile raw materials, Sampangan aims to become a global force for a circular economy, offering sustainable products from holistic waste management, especially in water treatment, agriculture, and poultry industries.

    Pictured: Hana Purnawarman, Chief Product Officer
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    Philanthropy Asia Summit

    PAA’s flagship programme is the annual Philanthropy Asia Summit. It features Calls to Action to foster innovation, drive momentum, and scale impact for a better world.

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