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International Blue Carbon Institute
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International Blue Carbon Institute


Programme Partner: Conservation International

Region: Global

The International Blue Carbon Institute (IBCI), based in Singapore, was set up by Conservation International (CI) in late 2022 to focus on accelerating and scaling the protection and restoration of blue carbon eco-systems globally. The IBCI will:

  • Build capacity to meet the increasing interest among governments in blue carbon as a climate action tool
  • Drive understanding in the ocean and coastal eco-system's ability to mitigate and help communities adapt to climate change
  • Support Singapore's ambition to become a carbon services center, through leadership in blue carbon science

Through the IBCI, CI plans to work with governments across Southeast Asia and the Pacific, to strengthen national policies and technical capacities in climate policy work, specifically focused on the conservation and restoration of blue carbon habitats. The work in Singapore will leverage critical connections to financial platforms and the corporate sector, to bring long-term financing solutions to blue carbon protection in the larger Asia-Pacific region. Key initiatives include:

  • Organising climate and blue carbon policy workshops
  • Launching a Climate Policy Fellowship
  • Developing enabling conditions for policy development and financing of blue carbon solutions
  • Empowering youth voices and community engagement toward ocean conservation

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